Maëva Clermont-Giguère
Maëva Clermont-Giguère is an instrumental composer based in Quebec City. Her work includes contemporary instrumental music and several collaborations with theatre and film productions. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in general music (within which she studied jazz piano with Luc Beaugrand), and a Master’s degree in composition under the supervision of Ana Sokolovìc from the University of Montreal.

Her instrumental works and arrangements have been performed by many professional ensembles including Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal (dir. Véronique Lacroix), Nouvel Ensemble Moderne(Loraine Vaillancourt), Ensemble Arkea(Dina Gilbert), La Musique du 22e régiment(Captain Christian Richer) and the string quartet Tryade.

Eager for collaborations with visual and dramatic arts, she also regularly works with the director and choreographer Menka Nagrani(Les Productions des Pieds des Mains), the directors Mireille Camier(Les Productions Quitte ou Double), Gabriel Argüello, Étienne Plasse, Anne-Marie-Sylvestre et Julie Roy.

Back in her hometown of Quebec City since 2013, Maëva Clermont-Giguère also teaches at the music department of Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy, a collegial institute.